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Sunday 19 June 2011

What Happened?

Yesterday was a fabulous day:  full sun all day.  There was a very brisk force 4 or 5 wind too which was great for keeping the midges away.  I think that I shall go away more often because I had three days of idyllic garden weather when I returned from New Zealand.  Anyway I spent the whole day in the garden (with a couple of quick coffee stop visits to friends) either gardening (which is what one would expect) or digging a trench so that I can find the waste outfall from the house (which is not perhaps what one would expect).

I spent a little time later in the evening with a book soaking up the sun in the conservatory.  The evenings here at the moment are long - sunset is after 2230 - and as there was not a cloud in the sky it was still reasonably light when I eventually went to bed at 0200 this morning.

I expected to be tired and stiff when I woke this morning because I've not indulged in that sort of physical labour for a while.  I was surprised to find that I was neither tired nor stiff.  I must exercise more often!

What did surprise me though was that in those few hours the sun had disappeared and the clouds and rain were back and the midsummer temperature is a stately 13℃.  And the mid night mid winter temperature in Napier?  12℃.  Mark commented on my Hebridean in New Zealand blog that I would have to take a decision about where my permanent home was going to be.  Just at this moment, if I had a choice, it might be a no-contest decision.

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  1. Interesting post. It rained here all weekend, miserable children stuck inside and impossible get the loads of family washing dry.
    Today on the otherhand, the sky is blue, a gentle breeze blows and the sun is scrummy. No prob with the washing today. I love days like today, enjoyed more when they follow dreary weekends I guess!!


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