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Friday, 1 October 2010

You Don't Need To Know This

And probably don't want to know either.

I've been back in Eagleton for 5 sleeps.  Now what you have to know to appreciate what I'm going to tell you is that I usually put my head on the pillow (ok that's not unusual) and sleep pretty solidly for 5 or 6 hours and then wake up and get up.  I usually do all that without as much as a ruffle of the bedclothes.  But these last five sleeps have been rather odd.  In one way that is.  Each morning when I've woken I've looked up at the clock and put my hand out for my glass of water and neither has been there.  They've been an extra three feet away.  I've woken up on the other side of the bed.  Now that's hardly earth-shattering news but I can never recall it happening before in the 10 years that I've slept in that bed on my own!  So why now?

There you are I told you you wouldn't want to know that.  You read it anyway.  So don't blame me!


  1. Oh no, GB, you're no longer a tidy sleeper! Your life is truly changed! I wonder what comes next?

    I've always been a messy sleeper, can wake up across the bed and even upside down (no, not standing on my head!) I sometimes look at the state of my bed in the morning and wonder how I slept so soundly.

  2. In Sweden, if someone is in a bad mood in the morning, we often suggest they "woke up on the wrong side". Googling the expression now, I find the same meaning in English - with the additional info that the origin might be "ancient superstition which held it to be unlucky to touch the floor first with the left foot when getting out of bed". Now there's something to think about. According to that theory, I was getting up on the wrong side during most of my childhood and teen years. Then I changed my ways. Whether it has brought me luck is harder to say!

    Here's an experiment for you: Try going to sleep on the wrong side, and see if you then wake up on the right one? (Why, you might ask. Because your readers are curious, is my answer...)

  3. hahaha....what Pauline said.."a tidy sleeper" (I can see that). too cute

    I once was a messy sleeper, slipping over to both sides of bed...but then little people invaded, and I had to stay put just like lead.