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Monday, 25 October 2010

Two More Sleeps

"Only little children use sleeps to measure time."  I was told yesterday.  Hmmm.  That explains a lot then.  Personally I find it quite a useful and accurate measurement of time remaining before an event.  If, just for the sake of argument, I were to leave in an evening would I count the day in which that evening fell?  Anyway I use sleeps.  Alternatively I could tell you that at the moment I press the full stop at the end of this sentence I will have 2 days 7 hours 49 minutes and 17 seconds before my plane is due to leave the tarmac from Stornoway Airport to convey me to Glasgow where I will stay the night before embarking on the 34 hour journey to Napier.  But, hey, why am I being defensive?  What's wrong at my age of thinking like a child?

My case is packed and my flight backpack just needs my laptop and charger and it'll be ready too.  I've never been so prepared.  So today is the day for cleaning the house, emptying the freezer and fridges and taking down the weather station from the garage roof (In a few hours heavy rain and winds are due to set in for the next few days so I think that might be my first job this morning) and getting the storm shutters in (they will never be carriable in a wind over force 3 because they are humungous).  That will leave tomorrow for coffee in town, a blog entry or two and a relaxing day before I leave on Wednesday.

Sounds good to me.  I wonder if it will pan out like that.


  1. Wow! Time has really flown. Hope you have a pleasant and safe journey. Looking forward to the New Zealand blog, xx

  2. How wonderful would that be to be so prepared that the day before actually leaving, there's nothing to be done except coffee in town?
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Wishing you a safe journey over to here. Then sort eveything out in your NZ home to suit yourself.

    And next you can catch up with the NZ Famdamily (as mine own would put it), then blog-post as suits yourself and your heart, when and what and how ever you like!

    xxx and gentle settling into comfy spot for the long times in aeroplane seats .

    Hoping for walks up and down the isles for passenger comfort - too bad about flight stewards getting in the way!!!

    xxx from Mickle and "sure to be" snoring Zebby, my mixed bred domestic short haired cat.

    Word veri = uprialls
    Spelling gone wrong

  4. I don't think I ever heard anyone measure time in terms of sleeps until I met (-well-) you. I think it sounds nice! The Swedish word for sleep does not have a plural form. But we might use "nights" instead of "days" even if probably less common.

  5. Come on. At your age it's 'big sleeps'. Quiet zzzz in the armchair in front of the television don't count.

  6. Counting down in sleeps is a perfectly natural thing to do although in my family you weren't allowed to start counting out loud until there were only 5 sleeps left. I think that was a rule to preserve the adults' sanity. 20 sleeps until I next board a plane but I will lose count 10 times between now and then.
    Hope everything is going to plan.

  7. We always count sleeps. Seems friendly and easier than using days.
    Really like that you are coming home to nz and summer. Have a safe trip and a relaxing next two days :) sorry, i mean sleeps!