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Saturday 9 October 2010

Fine When They Work

I have a kitchen clock which is guaranteed to be correct at all time to within one millionth or whatever of the Rugby Time Signal.  It's German technology (it doesn't actually say where it was made!).  It's great when it's working.  British Summer Time adjustments are made automatically.  But every now and again the battery runs out and a new batter has to be inserted.  So for the next x number of hours until the Rugby radio signal is sent (once a day) the clock doesn't work at all.  This week the battery ran out.  The new battery - duly tested - has been put in.  That was Wednesday.  The clock still won't show the correct time.  When I re-insert the battery in the clock it either won't stop just going round and round at a racing car speed or it won't start at all.  Actually it's a bit like some people I know are in the morning.  Sometimes - just sometimes, mind you - I think that this technology lark isn't all it's cracked up to be.  What was wrong with the old clock stuck on the mantlepiece or in the corner (few people have a mantlepiece in the kitchen now) which had to be wound every day, lost exactly 7 minutes between winds and was almost always set at the wrong time anyway?

Right I don't need a clock to tell me that the weather's fabulous - 18 deg is forecast here for today - and I have to finish painting fences. 


  1. 18 degrees!! Excessive!

    I lament lost mantlepieces! Now it's 'the worktop' (aka in my house 'the bunker').

    You could view the clock malfuntion as liberation from the tyranny of time? Since I stopped wearing a watch I have felt a lot less stressed (of course that might just be coincidence...).

  2. Sounds like that clock of yours is behaving just like it sometimes feels like Time itself is behaving! LOL

  3. GB, the Rugby clock was switched off about four years ago or so. It's now broadcast from Cumbria so your clock will need a language update.
    They speak funny in Cumbria so time signals may do as well. Forget it and get an hour glass but don't forget to turn it.

  4. You'll not believe this but as soon as I'd left it alone after writing this post the clock corrected itself.


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