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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Post I Didn't Write

I woke to the smell of fresh bread.  It was 0547 (don't you just hate digital clocks?).  I had to be up reasonably early this morning anyway to take Gaz to the airport.  

So by around ten minutes past 6 o'clock (the kitchen clock isn't digital) I was sitting at the breakfast bar with a cup of tea and toasted fresh bread smothered in Marmite and a sliced tomato pondering the day to come.

At 0413, however, I had been a less happy bunny.  That was the time I had last looked at the clock before I crossed the Lethe again.  By that time sleep had alluded me for an hour.  I had woken at 0312 and been unable to get back to sleep despite Satie's Gnossiennes doing their utmost to lull me there.  That was after I'd decided to get up and start my day really early by catching up with a few blog posts - and then thought better of it.  Laying awake is so unusual for me and made me appreciate what some people have to put up with as a matter of course.

Now I've been up for three hours and am ready to face the day with a new mindset having read Pauline's post Slow Down and having resolved that I would stop getting my knickers in a twist as I always do as the time to leave for my New Zealand life draws near.

As I look out from the Study I look at the sky and wonder what on earth that holds for us today:


  1. What a lovely sky picture. That silhouette of the high grass just "makes" it... Mmm. I'm sure it was a better decision to stay in bed listening to the Gnossiennes than to decide it to be "morning" at 0312. You probably slept part of that hour even though it didn't feel like it. 'They' say that one usually does. (Sometimes replaying an audio book CD I listened to in the night confirms it, when I find I've missed a chunk of the story in the middle!) And yes, digital clocks can be a nuisance with their exactitude! :)

    ... scrolling down to the WV, which turns out to be "exali"...

  2. Beautiful photo! I'd say it was a gift to you.
    I was awake for a couple of hours too last night. As annoying as it is, I try to tell myself that at least I'm resting.

  3. It holds wonderful things - from the look of that photo...

  4. Oh, nice memories of Scotland to hover in the mind....