Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Thank You BT

Well I really have to hand it to the call centre in India that dealt with my call today.  I was just typing on the Mac when I realised that the internet connection was down.  I looked at the BT Homehub and realised that all the lights were on and connected.  I checked Samantha and Palin and they were both connected.  Uh?  One of the things about Macs is that everything is automatic - it just happens - so I had absolutely no idea what to do.  Mac diagnostics are pretty good I found.  They said that the problem was that I needed to contact my service provider.  Hmmm.  But why had the Mac suddenly thrown a wobbly and disconnected?  It couldn't or wouldn't tell me that.  So I rang BT and spoke to Shan.  I spoke to him for 1 hour and 5 minutes.

First thing:  if you have a BT Homehub then make sure that you keep the ethernet cable handy!  I know where my 5 ethernet cables went.  Oops.  Memo: get one back.  However Shan had the patience of a saint and I am now back on line.

The thing was that it was purely a Mac problem.  I'm still not sure what the problem was but I have to say that after 65 minutes Shan never batted an eyelid (ok, the occasional sigh of frustration, but he really kept his calm).  We ended our relationship a few minutes before the 6 o'clock News.  I've now got a full set of notes and if it happens again then....... I shall probably get myself a large Cognac and hide under a table somewhere.  I just hope that if I have to ring BT I get Shan.

I'm glad it turned out OK because I've had a brilliantly productive day so far and, even though it's 1850 and I'm sort of watching Strictly Come Dancing...It Takes Two as I write this, it's by no means over yet.

However, I confess that as soon as I was back on line I poured a glass of red.  That was a glass and a half ago!


  1. I suspect it makes little difference Mac or PC. The Pc settings and troubleshooter seem to do beggar all. The latter perversely has to be connected to the internet. Having said that I like Windows 7. Glad it went OK. I hope it doesn't happen to me imagine an hour on the phone then running out of credit after sixty one minutes!!

  2. It was an 0800 (freephone) call, Adrian and they were prepared to ring my mobile if I lost the call!

  3. Hair-rising story! Well told though, you had me laughing towards the end. (Hiding under the table.) I found myself disconnected for an hour or so on Sunday morning. Panic. The phone support wasn't even open. But it was obviously an external fault. Proven by the fact that it fixed itself even before the phone support opened...

  4. That makes a nice change - to hear of a satisfied customer after dealing with a call centre in India! Gload it worked out well and you didn't have more stress as you are packing up.


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