Thursday, 28 October 2010

Panic Set In

I arrived in a wet and miserable Glasgow after the first leg of my journey late yesterday afternoon.  I made up for that with a lovely evening being fed and watered by Anna and having a good catch-up.  However I realised just how dependent upon Broadband I am when I realised that Anna's Broadband provider had been changed and that I couldn't log on to the router:  the password on the router didn't work.  In fact after  dinner Anna discovered from her son who had set it up that the password had changed it and after a few hours I was connected again.  However it did make me think quite hard.  I actually got quite agitated by the inability to attach myself to my cyberworld via my own laptop. 

A few days ago our news had reported upon the effect that having a day completely removed from all electronic media had had on some students who took part in an experiment.  I have to say that I thought that they over-reacted.  Now I'm not so sure that I wouldn't have reacted in the same way.  To some extent I think my reaction was due to the unexpected nature of the withdrawal.  Even so I think I'll trty and avoid it again.

This will be my last post for a couple of days unless I have a few minutes to spare in Heathrow Airport and can log on.  In a couple of hours I shall be setting off for Glasgow airport and the main leg of the journey.  I shall hopefully arrive in Napier at 0930 on Saturday NZ time which will be about 2130 on Friday UK time.  Of course the time difference will alter again in a couple of days when the UK daylight saving/British Summertime ends.

I'll post about the journey on this blog and then I shall be back on A Hebridean in New Zealand. I hope that you will follow me.


  1. I can quite happily go without a connection for quite a while - I once went 10 full days without any internet connection, watching TV or reading newspapers.

    What I find weird is how it takes me a day or so to figure out what most of the news is about having missed the first articles on certain stories.

  2. I have to say a 3G iPhone is reducing the anxiety!
    Safe trip and welcome back for saturday

  3. I have certainly built my habits around quickly accessible information. It would take weeks for me to adjust to a different mode, almost like learning how to get around without the use of motors!

  4. I find it refreshing once in a while to not "be connected" to anything. Free. That's the word, because there are so many expectations by others to always be available in one form or another.
    I picture you arriving to a glorious summer day in NZ!

  5. I hope you have a really thick, gripping novel!
    Safe and peaceful travels.

  6. I think you're right, it's above all the unexpected breaks in internet communication that annoy us. Didn't you have a mobile broadband as well? Or is that just in NZ, perhaps. I hope you'll find everything in working order at that end :)


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