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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thankful Thursday

I've had a Really Good Day in that I've got a lot done.  Whilst I was mowing a friend's grass as part of the 'I like to feel useful' bit of my life I had a flash of inspiration as to why Pat's computer might have gone on a go-slow.  As I had recently re-formatted the hard drive and re-installed all the software the latest irritation was most unwelcome.  It was also driving Pat mad.  The flash of inspiration was to wonder whether the wireless keyboard was the problem and not the computer's operating system at all.  So this afternoon I changed it for one of mine and, so far, it seems that all is now ok.  I really really hope so!

This evening I've had to open up my Windows laptop and my Windows Notebook to retrieve some information.  I've spent a great deal of the last couple of hours waiting whilst they update, switch on and off and generally waste my time.

So this evening I am thankful for two things.

I am thankful that the time I have to spend mucking around with my computer problems is, for the moment at least, non-existent because I am using a Mac. 

And the second thing?  I fell this afternoon - it was all over in less than a second.  As I stood up and realised that my ankle had gone over and I'd actually fallen flat on my front the only damage was some slight residual pain and a few grazes on my hands and knee.  So I am exceptionally thankful that my fall did not result in any breaks or sprains.

Yes.  It's been a Good Day.  And there's still some cheese and perhaps a glass of wine to come - it's not midnight yet!


  1. Glad your fall was a soft one on the fall rating scale. It is surprising how quickly one can fall flat. I was stooping over looking in a lower kitchen cabinet, I can no longer squat!, but you probably don't care about that, and I fell backward on my back. Nothing broken and nothing bruised by my ego.
    You and I were lucky this time.

  2. With you on the Mac!
    and after another stint on crutches, wheelchair and pain relief, I have a new appreciation for disability services ... but hating the pain and dependence. Particularly in the earthquakes and sure enough, another rocker last night.
    SO glad you are ok - happens so fast alright!

  3. Jill: I'm glad that you, too, survived. Oh, and I care about anyone who drives an old Volvo - as a former old Volvo devotee myself!

    Fiona: I've just seen your Facebook comment about a wheelchair. I'm sorry to hear that. I'll catch up with you on the subject.

  4. oh, my! glad you're not seriously injured!

  5. Thanks Jaz and Norma. Yes one of my longest standing and dearest friends in Canada fell some months ago - a simple slip just like mine - and ended up with broken bones and lots of pain and inconvenience. I really do count myself lucky and thankful.

  6. That must have been scary (although one rarely has time to think much about the what-if's until later). I'm glad you did not get injured, and back on your feet being 'useful as usual' ;)Funny how sometimes we seem to get the best ideas while doing something else not really connected to the problem.

  7. You really are a star. I have been happily typing away and not a stammer, glitch or spelling mistake. I think you have solved the problem.
    That is definitely worth a coffee and Tunnocks Tea Cake at the Woodlands! x

  8. I am SO glad to hear that the fall did not result in serious injury.

    And I would love to know all about the Tunnocks Tea Cake. ;^) Sounds wondrous. ;^)

  9. GB - I would love to have a computer guy like you around - my laptop is so slow lately, I feel like taking a sledgehammer to it.
    I love your great attitude. "...still some cheese and ...wine to come" - I highly endorse that outlook- always works for me.


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