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Thursday, 29 September 2011


This morning as we were driving into Glasgow from Bishopbriggs I overtook a tricycle keeping a perfect line to the left in the heavy main road traffic and traveling at an astonishing speed.  Anticipating that the rider might be going to the local shopping complex and not into the City centre I pulled off the main road and lay in wait.  Actually I didn't have to wait.  Thanks to a red traffic light I managed to capture some photos.


  1. IS that an electric Power Hub I see on the font Go Granny Go!

  2. What a brilliant set of pictures........she is just fantastic. Barking mad but very determined.
    I hope her battery gets her home.

  3. Yes, Sunshine, it was a brilliant way to go.

    Welcome, Dad. It must have been a power hub because she was doing some speed up the hill to the traffic lights. I'd have struggled on my bike to do that speed.

    Adrian she was brilliant with the sort of madness I admire totally. No helmet at that speed in that traffic! I did wonder about the bandage on her forehead!

  4. Just look at the sign writing on the white van in the second picture.

    You just could not make it up could you?

    "Fox's Pacier Sprints Limited".

    She certainly is a foxy, fast old lady. A true British eccentric if ever I saw one! Good on her. x

  5. Did wonder about the dressing.I'd love to be like her at that age - or indeed at any age!

  6. Maybe I should get myself one of those... ;) Might take me another 20 years to work up the courage though.

  7. Can you get these Power Tricycles with enough "oomph" for Wellington's Hills?

    My dear Dad had a "Power Bicycle" back in the mid 1960's that took him to and from work in flat Christchurch ... we moved to Wellington in mid-ish 1969; and now Christchurch, my birth city, is no longer flat!

  8. Fantastic! I can only imagine what your conversation might have been with her. Don't mess with Granny!

  9. Terrific! I wonder about her shoes, what are these?

  10. Wonderful woman! She's my hero!

  11. she looks like she means business! hurray for her! I wonder what a rig like that costs.

  12. You're right Spesh. Brilliant and I hadn't noticed it.

    Sue: She certainly is a doughty soul.

    Monica: You can do it!

    Mark: Brilliant. I see what you mean. Our lady could do that I'm sure.

    Mickle: I've looked them up and some are amazingly powerful when combined with some pedal power but Wellington's steeper hills would , I fear, be a challenge too much. Good to see you here today by the way.

    Lisa: I would have loved to have talked with her.

    Jill: They are velcro comfort shoes. This lady knows what she's doing!

    Yes, Katherine, I think she's my hero too now.

    Norma: In UK terms about £800 for starters. About US$1200.


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