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Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Cycle to Mauprevoir

I cycled from Maumulon to Mauprevoir yesterday afternoon: a pleasant 25 k round trip.  I Googled the village and discovered that the name mauprevopir.com has been reserved on gandi.net and parked as unused.  So no help there then.  In fact no help anywhere it seems.  But then when I arrived it didn't seem that Mauprevoir needed any help from the internet.  It seems to be a thriving, if small, community in what must be one of the tidiest and prettiest villages in the Vienne.  I hope that all the other pretty villages are not reading this.  Don't think I need to worry.  If I have a French reader other than someone I already know I'd be surprised.

Anyway I thought that whilst I was at it I'd have a play with JogTracker the new app toy on my phone.  A click here (if you do want to open it I suggest you do so in a new tab) will show you my journey and a map - I hope.

I had an excellent coffee at Le Diament bar.  The English proprietors are working on it to open a café/restaurant in the New Year and to add letting bedrooms.

In the meantime here are some of the (inevitable) photos I took:

The Chateau of Mauprevoir.
The Church of St Impère,  a 225m2 structure with Gothic windows.
The Village centre with the bar

A window over the River Payroux

A touch of New Zealand's habit of painting pictures on any structure that stands still long enough.  In this case the bus stop and public convenience

The Marie and Bibliotèque
The inevitable Pétanque terraine

On the way back

The last few hundred metres


  1. Seems you got a good photography tour and healthy exercise at the same time! You could make a tourist brochure for that village ;) Love that house with the blue shutters... and the mural with the painter - very clever!

  2. A grand day out. the image of the window over the Payroux is beautiful as is the following one.
    When did the French learn to buy and apply paint........I must be a bit out of touch.

  3. What a pretty little village. Well worth the ride I'd say. For you, that is, it would do me in.

  4. I love the pictures from France - although the horses drinking transported me back to growing up in England... an idyllic childhood, where horses grazed the stream at the foot of our garden in Cheshire.

    Here is one of the pictures Angus puts up of life near Tarn et Garonne, near Toulouse... a fellow Scot for you, enjoying life in France.

  5. Monica there was a day when I lived in Napier and not out in the sticks when I often cycled 20k before breakfast. The 25k was good but I did have a bit of a sore bum towards the end I have to confess.

    Adrian you do have a point about the paint but some villages are very pretty nowadays.

    Pauline: It was and you can walk me off my feet so I should imagine the same would apply to cycling.

    Fiona: You lived in Cheshire? I lived in Lymm in the early 70s. Angus's pictures are very typical of the area. Where you there too?

  6. I am feeling quite pleased with 2km on my exercycle as a beak from crutch assisted hobbling!

    We had 5 years in Cheshire (well i was at boarding school in Petersfield most of the time, but had holidays at home) - Nether Alderley... beautiful part of England.
    We hailed from Hertfordshire the rest of the time I was in England, with long holidays up in Pitlochry in the summer to appease my Scottish grandparents..
    Dad's job meant a lot of moving - next stop NZ!

    MY only jaunt to France was to Paris - but following Fiona V, first on her blog, later on facebook, opened up an interest in French life, and Angus is an interesting man who blogs about living in a lovely place :)

  7. It's a small world isn't it? I shall look at Angus's blog.

  8. Of course, Fiona, attention span of a gnat I have. I should have remembered Angus from your recent posting mentioning him and me in relation to the rugby. I'm off to visit him now.

  9. Another good series, GB. The chateau is lovely - very French.

  10. I've just been to heaven and back. What a lovely tour! And Nat would have loved those horses. She fell in love with some of that breed when she was 5 and we were passing through, not far from there...

  11. I'm glad that you came back Katherine. Whilst I'm sure that heaven would benefit from your wit and wisdom we're not ready to do without it yet!


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