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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Pétanque at Villeneuve

This week I've been playing some pétanque in Villeneuve.  On the weekday evenings it was a friendly affair but this afternoon life was real and life was earnest.

A quiet evening's play
Viv throws and George looks on
George's turn
Saturday afternoon is serious time
Off to check
No pressure then!  There was.


  1. There's a set in our loft. Must resurrect it some time. (But sorting our loft would be nowhere near as easy as doing yours!!)

  2. great game... good to see you can cope playing a game without a mallet. :)

  3. Can see by the body language of the watchers that things got serious. That's a great shot - I hope yours was, too!

  4. another sport I'd be terrible at!
    Hope it was fun, as well as serious.

  5. Good fun. Love the evening light and shadows too :-)

  6. I can only repeat Scrappy Grams' comment...


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