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Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Rugby Dilemma

Some of you may have heard that the Rugby World Cup is on at the moment and that it's being played in New Zealand.  Now what happens if you are a person born in Liverpool.  Despite rumours that around the time I was born there were only Liverpool Welsh, Liverpool Irish, Liverpool Scots, Liverpool West Indian and Liverpool Chinese some people actually think that Liverpool is in England.  Of course it's not.  So by birth I'm a Liverpool Lancastrian.  By length of time I've lived in one place ie the Outer Hebrides of Scotland where I've lived well over half my days, I'm a Hebridean Scot.  

I've never had any nationalistic tendencies because I tend (perhaps irrationally) to associate nationalism with extremism and intolerance.  Of course that doesn't apply in matters of sport.  Does it?

When I was a youngster and in the days of Gareth Edwards, possibly the greatest ever rugby player, I was a Wales Supporter.  But that allegiance ended in the '70s (together with the Welsh team).

When I went to live half my year in New Zealand I got over the problem of which team to support by deciding that when I'm living in New Zealand I support the All Blacks and when I'm in Scotland I support the national team.  Well that's the theory.  Problem is that the heart tends to find the ABs more exciting and compelling.

At the moment I'm in France. 

I'm afraid that I don't see Scotland making much headway.  I think France will come second to the ABs in Pool A.  I won't go any further but at the end of the day I can't see the ABs not being in the final.
And I'll be back in the Outer Hebrides to watch it!


  1. It's a small country but Western Samoa is the B team.
    Not a cat in hells chance for the All Blacks.

  2. Adrian wash your mouth out!!!

    GB big game tonight Argentina vs Scotland. Winner of that game should determine who goes through to the Qtrs with England. As runner up of Pool B they will then take on The All Blacks as Winners of Pool A. Another massacre on the cards!!!

    Go the ABs


  3. Was a joy to see the AB's playing fast running rugby last night... if they flounder it will be a very sad day for NZ but enjoying seeing them in such good form. As a half time New Zealand dweller you can legitamately enjoy that too :)

    My friend is still shocked that Scotland are in a played two, won two pattern - not something you get to say very often... they are masters at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

    Samoa! pfft!

  4. Nay chance Adrian. Much as I respect your views on most things you are obviously way out on the rugby front. Wales beat Samoa for heavens sake. Oh. I've suddenly realised. You were extracting the Michael (I'd have said taking the piss but this is a family blog). You couldn't possibly have been serious.

    If the ABs don't make the final the beer is on me.

    I'm with Mark and Argentina will play the ABs.

  5. Gosh. Fiona you were posting at the same time as I was.

    Wales v Ireland and Oz v Saffers. Well though Wales are doing Ireland are my bet. The other match is a real ??

    Who is for the ABs v Saffers for the final?

  6. Never thought I'd see the day when you would facilitate a discussion on rugby! I think you could be right about the final but the RWC often has upsets so it's not over yet.

  7. You see Pauline you just never know about people do you? Actually I used to be a rugby follower because of my Dad and then when Wales declined I lost interest and became more interested in amateur soccer. Nearly too my refs ticket actually. Never really got into professional soccer though. I followed Liverpool 'cos I went to school with Billy Liddell's sons and then there were the glory days with Hunt, Leishman, Callaghan, Hughes, Toshak and Keegan and more I can't think of. But I'd been dragooned into following Everton by a friend at school because the class needed one more Evertonian to make it 50:50 Everton:Liverpool.

    It's not until I went to live in NZ that I really found rugby interesting again. NZ has a way of making sport interesting and matter. Not bad for a country with 2/3 the population of Scotland.

  8. And in a few hours we'll know the Argentina v Scotland result!

  9. The nice thing is that it is creating a buzz and we are all following it :)

  10. 13:12. That was heart stopping. Scotland did better than I'd expected though.

  11. So how about ABs v Argentina, England v France, Ireland v Wales and Australia v South Africa for the Quarters.


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