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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Searching The Blog

Unlike Dawn Treader I have a forgetory (a term my Mum used even though at 93 her memory was more keen than mine has ever been) rather than an memory.  In fact it sometimes gets almost embarrassing (well it could if I was prone to getting embarrassed which I'm not) when I mention something and am then gently reminded by Monica that I have mentioned that before.  Fortunately I can't ever recall actually contradicting myself.  If I have I'm sure that Monica will soon remind me of my transgression.  So where is this leading?  I have always placed a great reliance on the various means by which I can search my blog. However the available means (the Blogger search window and the gadget I have used for several years in the sidebar of the blog) have many faults.  Not least of those faults is searching for a word which also happens to appear in the sidebar of the blog which then calls up in random fashion every post.

My nephew-in-law, Mark, had noticed my problems and we've had various discussions on the subject. He has now written a search program which seems to fit the bill perfectly and more.  I have placed it in the sidebar of this blog.  You can find out more about it at Postvorta.

In the meantime if you do, by any chance, want to find one of your comments on this blog, for example, then please try it and if you have any feedback I'm sure that Mark would be glad to get an email.

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  1. Hey, surely it has not happened that many times?! ;) or I have my own forgetory...! Actually I know I do, because with my own blog I often forget for example if I have already posted a certain photo or only thought of doing so. In some ways it's easier to feel sure one has seen something on someone else's blog! (because that seems to be the only way in which that particular something could have got into my memory in the first place).

    Believe it or not, just now I cannot remember anything to test Mark's search program with! I shall have to return when I do...