1 EAGLETON NOTES: Villeneuve-de-Duras



Thursday, 2 September 2010


Villeneuve-de-Duras is a smallish (population 257) commune in the Lot-et-Garonne Department of South-West France. It has quite a significant British population, a Restaurant - Le Jardin - a Post Office, a Boulangerie (which makes the finest chocolatines in the region) and a Quincillerie (hardware store which, in this case, also sells some groceries). I am told that the church has one service a year. Very importantly it has a Pétanque club. One of my reasons for visiting at the time I did was to play in the Fête de Pétanque (of which more later).
The main road through Villeneuve looking North (from a little slip road into the Village)
The Boulangerie - without which no French village can hold up its head
A curious ornament in front of the Boulangerie
Le Jardin restaurant
Chez John
The Quincaillerie with the 'Forum' a local community facility being built with lottery money
Just a brief view of the Church and an old house from under the arches


  1. I just love that ornament with the red watering cans. A feast to the eye! Your friend's house looks nice, too... Interesting door and windows.

  2. Charming village! Amazing to think only 257 souls but there is a restaurant! Love that last photo!

  3. Oh how lovely! I wanted to feast on every image. I can't tell you how delightful these pics are to me.

  4. Drawn Treader - I promise I didn't read your comment before mine. Snap re. 'feast'.

    W.V is 'brosu' which means the sense of longing one gets when looking at images of small french villages.