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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The School Bus

Ever since I became a member of the Blog community and have known Heather I've had an increased awareness of school busses. The school bus from Villeneuve parks across the road from the house and this morning I happened to notice that it, too, has a lady driver:

Unfortunately the camera focussed on the foreground plants


  1. What a fancy school bus that is! I'll have to post a picture of ours... VERY different. The bus you have pictured is generally hired for posh road trips. Glad to see your students ride in style!

  2. Oh, that bus looks like a Cadillac in comparison to what I drive :) Hey, did you notice, also, that not only is the driver a lady..but a lady who likes stuffed animals?

    She's my kind of bus driver lady!!

    My, oh, my - and look at the seats! Wow, they are cloth and bucket style. Now, wouldn't my Vermont kiddo's love that bus?! For sure :)

  3. Wouldn't that bus create a stir outside our local school? Imagine it coming down Omana Road! Imagine the speculation!

  4. I wonder, does this give Heather any ideas about "painting" her bus?

    On my travels through CA, I saw a billboard that said:
    Your school bus driver knows who your child has a crush on. Do you?
    I really liked that.