1 EAGLETON NOTES: Random Memories of Maumulon



Monday, 13 September 2010

Random Memories of Maumulon

When you have been visiting a place for a number of years you become attached to it. I feel that way about Maumulon, John and Sue's summer home. Some of those memories are annual and everlasting. Some are occasional.

The welcoming sight at the end of the journey

Lunch - a wonderful, relaxing ritual occasion (please note my drink!)

One of John's most typical poses

This House Spider (compared with a large teaspoon) was one of many I saw this year. I don't recall seeing any before (but you know what my memory is like!). Sue managed to get bitten by one when she was asleep and the blood actually hit the wall!

Sue and I collected sloes for sloe gin. There was an abundance at a height unreachable without a ladder so we just had to do with enough for a couple of bottles. Shame.


  1. Lovely series of pictures - until... [hysterical shrieking sound goes here] ... That's cruel, luring us into the idyll and than dropping that ... creature ... on us...

  2. Oh...the friend on that little stool - very cute and comfortable way to use the grill.

    Eeeek...that nasty looking spider. I don't know if I like spider macro shots, Graham.

    The berries...they remind me of blueberries. I like that photo.

    Oh, yes...and your drink? Was the (what looks to be) orange juice in the large glass yours? Okay, now...do tell :)

  3. I agree with Heather - much as I usually love photos of critters that one was just a little too scary!

  4. I was enjoying the sights until I got to the spider. What a scarey sight. You are way, way braver than me!
    Love the shutters on the house!
    How long did you abstain for?