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Monday 20 September 2010

Snapshots of Bordeaux

Great Bell of Bordeaux - Grande Cloche de Bordeaux

Leaning on the 12th-century church of St. Eloi, this tremendous passage was constructed in the 13th Century. The vault and the bays were refurnished in the 15th Century, while the ironwork and the clock date from the 17th Century. The belfry of the old hôtel de ville, it stored the town's armaments. Until the Liberation, at the end of the second world war, the clock announced all of the important events, fires, and even the beginning of the grape harvest

Windows, windows everywhere

Shops small and artisnal

The sign of a once mighty shoe emporium

"I'll meet you at the turtle". Actually it was so hot that David got quite a surprise. How the girl was sitting on it we couldn't fathom.

Many buildings on the riverfront

are magnificent. The trams are brilliant (Edinburgh please note - why didn't you buy these instead of spending a fortune designing your own?)

More waterfront magnificence

The bike hire system - presumably similar to the scheme being introduced in London

The bikes are everywhere

So are the trams!


  1. Thanks for the tour!
    There are only two or three cities in Sweden that still have trams. The major one is Gothenburg. They look nothing like these, or at least didn't last time I was there, but I think I would probably have heard if there had been a major change since then.

  2. Lovely photos! They're very clear...

  3. Oh I do enjoy your travel pics..!
    What a wonderful contrast between the old stone buildings and the sleek glass and metal of the tram.

    I feel that the turtle's back looks very hot...

    WV is 'proiled' which is what I'm sure my bottom would be sitting on that turtle.

  4. I thought the tram was a train! Actually I still think it looks like a train with all those carriages.
    Beautiful old buildings, love the shoe emporium sign!


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