1 EAGLETON NOTES: At Sainte Foy La Grande Station



Friday, 17 September 2010

At Sainte Foy La Grande Station

David and I got a lift from Villeneuve to Sainte Foy La Grande. There's no rural bus service around this part of France (in fact, so far as I can discover there's no rural bus services anywhere in France) so we had to get a lift. At the station we were greeted by complimentary coffee and croissants. No one seemed to know why but no one would ask the people providing the coffee. Everyone just went round asking everyone else. It was quite amusing really.

We had a while to wait but it was a clear cold autumn morning and it was pleasant soaking up the last of the town. It seemed a shame to be leaving it.

The local train joins Bordeaux and Sarlat with the towns in between: a journey of about 2 hours.

A coffee for the driver - yes, really!

This train was going the other way. We had another couple of minutes to wait. Sitting here on The Wirral two sleeps later it seems like another world, another age, so, so long ago.


  1. endings are always sad GB...chin up - you're on to another beginning! x

  2. I've often felt that way too, GB...looking back through photos of once been. Life is such a strange, awesome, unreal adventure sometimes, isn't it?