Thursday, 16 September 2010


It's 0700.  Although I kept dreaming about market gardens I had a  nightmare free night (kept waking up for a drink of water - shouldn't go to bed immediately after a curry) and was finally woken at 0600 by a Blackbird acknowledging the dawn.  I watched the sky lighten and the stars fade, rose, abluted and re-packed my cases for the journey South.  David's walking Molly and I'm having breakfast and typing this.  Who says men can't multi-task?  

I know that I am prone to saying that it's a long time since I did something and then finding that I did it quite recently but have just forgotten.  So unless anyone (Dawn Treader perhaps) comes up with evidence to the contrary I am pretty sure that it's many many years since I had toast with Frank Cooper's Vintage Oxford Coarse Cut Marmalade for breakfast - or any other meal come to that.  Washed down with Lady Grey tea.  Life doesn't get much better. I'm not actually sure why I added the last sentence.  Of course life gets much better.  It's just that I feel pretty good about it this morning.

Soon I shall leave for CJ's. 


  1. Now you got me! ;) I'll have to take your word for it, this time... (Now where is my notebook, I'll have to jot this important event down for reference in case you try to play the same trick again next year...)

    Glad your journey back to Britain went well!

  2. Who was it that said "Toast is just a vehicle for marmalade"? WHoever it was, I concur, anyway.