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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Story So Far

It's 1615. Lunch is finished. Sue is reading in the sun. I think John's doing the same. I'm making the most of the next three hours before dinner to try and do this post and catch up with some of my Blogland friends.

David and I spent the first 6 nights in France in Villeneuve-de-Duras in the Lot et Garonne Department in the South West of the country with a friend called John who lives there all summer. On Monday we borrowed one of John's cars and made our way north to the centre of the country to our friends John and Sue (whom we've both known for 35 years) in the Poitou Charante near the small town of Charroux.

It's been a roller coaster of a week since David and I left West Wemyss and I have enough material to keep the Blog going for months. All I need is the time to post it at the same time as learning the new software with the Mac and indexing and editing the hundreds of photos I've already taken.

In brief we've visited street markets (which are so much a part of French culture), played in a Fête de Pétanque, dined and danced at the Fête de Pétanque evening in the Commune Hall, we've socialised and dined out and we've generally lived life to the full.

David left here at lunchtime today and will be back at Villeneuve for dinner. I will leave here on Friday 10th September with John and Sue taking me half way down towards Villeneuve where I will be handed over like a spy on the Glienicke Bridge in Berlin.


  1. '..like a spy'. I like that idea. How do you like iphoto?

    WV is 'licitski' which is possibly Russian for 'Can you get me a black-market Mac?'

  2. Good to see your electrons again!

  3. So you're still not trusted to use public transport on your own..? (LOL)

    Good to see you "back on the map".


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