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Friday, 24 September 2010

Houses in Llangollen

Llangollen is the sort of place which one could photograph for ever and a day and still come back for more.  I confess that I am biased.  One day I shall find all my old photos - I'm talking about 50 years ago - and you will doubtless be subjected to a few of them.  In the meantime I thought that the following houses were worth a posting:

 The house in the arch was, presumably, built in the entrance to the courtyard to the building on its left (as you look at it).

Another interesting - and small - one up and one down cottage

The restaurant where we had an excellent lunch is a converted Victoria Town House
The flags on the wall on the right are Australian - one of the owners is an Aussie - they get everywhere (just like the Welsh).


  1. Oh I love old buildings like these, all the "irregularities"... I was trying to remember if I had been to Llangollen... but checking my old photo albums, I think I'm probably just getting the name mixed up with Llandudno and Llanberis (both of which I did visit back in 1974)...

  2. Those buildings just beg to be admired, don't they. The thought crossed my mind that the stairs in that tiny middle house must be very steep.

  3. What superb pictures of grand buildings.

  4. Delliwynghtfoole (welsh for delightful) little houses!


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