Monday 27 September 2010

My Plan

My plan is to have no plans for the next few weeks.

I'm back in Eagleton having arrived at nearly 10pm yesterday after a drive through the Highlands of Scotland in flawless, cloudless conditions. I eventually got to bed and decided to sleep as long as I wanted this morning. Needless to say I was up at 0600 and just couldn't wait to get going sorting things out and making lists of things that have to be done. As the weather is dry for a change the top priority is cutting the grass. But that comes after making phone calls and catching up. The problem is that when the weather is good here there is a desperate urgency to get things done in the garden.

The first lot of washing is in and some of the things I brought back that have to be sorted have been at least put into the 'proper' room. As a consequence the study looks as though a bomb's hit it. So does the living room. And the kitchen. Ah well. Who cares I have 29 days to sort it before I leave for NZ.

29 sleeps. How fast they will go.

How come life goes so fast?

But this morning when the sun came up I realised just how privileged I am. Could things ever be better?


  1. You have another fine image with the third one. It is a beauty.

  2. Beautiful images... Are you sure you really want to leave in 29 days?! ;)

    As for "How come life goes so fast?" that question reminds me of a classic monologue by a Swedish stand up comedian from the 60s or 70s. In the context of a modern vicar using a lot of similes to describe what life is, one of the most famous quotes is:

    "Life is like a bag - it's empty and meaningless until you fill it with something."

    You keep packing lots of stuff into your "life bag", Graham - that's why it's always full! ♥

  3. Oh, that DawnTreader is full of wisdom, isn't she? I love that quote!

    And, I agree with Adrian...that third photo is wonderful, Graham. I really, really like it. It soothes me to gaze at it.

    Now that you are finally settled for a few weeks, I have something that is itching to go onto a postal adventure ;)

  4. Your post is breathtaking! I have been enjoying looking through your blog, it is stunning. The moon on your sidebar - I just posted the same moon yesterday. I come by way of Dawn Treader. My step great-grandfather came over from Scotland and married my grest-grandmother. We lived with them from when I was 5 till I moved out, and I still remember many of his Scottish sayings and food preferences. What else got my attention? You counted something in sleeps. What memories that brought back for me, ones almost forgotten! My grandmother never counted things in days, she taught me in how many sleeps. So many things about your blog have resounded with me! Keep up with the great posts and thanks for the memories!

  5. Best laid plans...ha!
    Your photos are so beautiful! Don't you just feel so blessed to be there at this particular time???

  6. Love Dawn Treader's quote. And she is right, you sure keep your bag packed!

    If you get many more mornings like this one you won't be able to drag yourself away in 29 sleeps!

    That third photo is so soft and dreamy, even the bird seems to be soaring


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