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Friday, 3 September 2010

Fête de la Pétanque

David and I played as partners in the Fête de la Pétanque on the Saturday after we arrived in Villeneuve. Although I have played in Club challenges back at The Napier Pétanque Club to which I belong in New Zealand I've never played in a full-blown tournament before. It was very enjoyable. Mind you David and I were fannied (which will be the subject of a separate post) in the first game which did not look like an auspicious start. In fact it definitely was not an auspicious start. However things got better and we managed into the final 8 (out of perhaps 40 plus pairs of mostly dedicated players). However despite winning the first end we were outclassed in the final game by a serious pair of tirers (shooters).

The notice in the village boulangerie

The two men who beat us in the first game were then called to task by friends in the second game

who beat them and avenged us!

A moment to take stock David (aka Marcel du Marche) in black second from the camera and John nearest the camera

The command post

David playing a winning end

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  1. So much to catch up on!!! All of your posts from France have great photographs...it looks wonderful.