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Wednesday 3 September 2008

Un Dîner des Moules

For someone who has very few real food dislikes, I put tripe at the top of the list and oysters a pretty close second.  My maternal grandfather used to eat oysters raw, dipping them in raw beaten egg before placing them on to the back of his tongue before they slipped down his throat without apparently touching the sides.   It seemed to me one of the most pointless (and revolting) gastronomical exercises that one could dream up.

So why, I ask myself (and, presumably, anyone else who's listening) do I love mussels?  Years ago one of my colleagues - Mrs Whittle (who was an ardent Wagnerian and went to every production of The Ring that came anywhere near Manchester - which may explain everything) told me that she didn't really like snails but she always had them because of the sauce.  I watched her eat quite a few plates of them and still never quite understood.  I did try them but decided that there had to be easier ways of eating garlic, parsley and butter.

Sue steamed the moules yesterday in white wine, garlic and crème fraiche.  Such bliss.

Intermarché, the supermarket in Civray seems to get its moules fresh on a Tuesday and to make things even more appealing yesterday they were on promotion.  The fish counters at Intermarché are wonderful to behold:

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  1. I too am amazed that I could produce something so simple that tasted so delicious!


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