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Monday, 8 September 2008

Brief Encounter

Well today has been my first and very brief encounter with a large and very real live snake.  So far as I can tell from the photographs of grass snakes and vipers it was a viper.   Not that that's unusual hereabouts.

I was walking round the house to investigate a calling buzzard when I nearly trod on it.  The speed with which it's 2 ft or so moved was abslutely astonishing.  I had absolutely no idea that snakes could move so fast.  The fact that I was wearing jandles was rather sobering.  Had my foot been 4 or more inches to the left I would have trodden on it and it might well have taken that very badly indeed.

I now appears to be holed up in a hole in the wall of the house right near the fosse septique.  I am not going to investigate however much I might like a photo and be able positively to identify it.

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