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Monday, 22 September 2008

The Deed Is Done

Leastways it's started and I suppose it would be true to say that this small step marks the point of no return. Let me explain. When I was down in Exeter with CJ staying with Helen and Ian we went to the Otter Nursery. Helen and I were discussing the possibility of me having an ornamental grass garden when CJ came up and asked me if I'd ever given any thought to an ornamental grass garden. Such thought reading is not uncommon between us though. So CJ bought me a book on ornamental grasses. Ever since I returned to Lewis I've been trying to work out how best and most speedily to achieve the garden given that I'm away from Lewis from the end of October until the end of April next year. I wanted to plant the garden this autumn so that it would have a good start in the spring despite the books saying that the spring is the best time to plant. I have lots of patience for some things but not for creating gardens!

Anyway I have decided that the compromise is to prepare the ground now for a spring planting.

This afternoon I took the first steps on the ground:

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