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Friday, 5 September 2008

Civray Market

Tuesday is market day in Civray. We were there quite early ie just after 0900 before Les Anglais who feature large in the area arrived in force. Mind you you could tell us a mile away because we were the people wearing shorts, open toed sandals or beards or even all three. I love markets for their colour and bustle, their day to day ordinariness and their general atmosphere. They are not just a good place to buy things, they are also an experience and a place to people watch. Further South the markets are much more tourist oriented and even larger and more interesting for all that but here the market is by the locals for the locals.

" Vous avez entendu cela?......."

Les Moules

Honey and knife sharpening!

Les tomates

Now that's what I call a cooking pot

Garlic, of course

'No. We don't sell gloves'

But we sell baskets

Tupperware! Really?

Compulsory table covering en France

Food, glorious food.

Every decent market has a huge paella on the go for breakfast

Shopping bags are still big en France

Want your house painted as a Christmas card?

Too stylish for Les Anglais

'These are lovely and firm'

Country fare

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