Sunday 7 September 2008


I realise that I am relatively unusual amongst both men and women of my acquaintance in liking ironing. I don't regard it as a waste of time because I use the time to watch television (a pastime which usually makes me feel guilty for wasting time) or listen to music or whatever. And at the end of it I have nice crisp sheets, shirts, hankies and so on. Of course, apart from guest's sheets, I only have my own clothes to iron so it's not like the average family ironer. Please note that I avoided using emotive words like 'housewife'.

When in New Zealand at The Cottage I can iron on the deck and listen to music and be part of the countryside - Ironing: A Chore?. Yesterday in France I ironed a few things and gazed at the following and realised just how lucky I am - even when I'm ironing!

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