Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I read CJ's posting The Charm of Bridges with great interest because, like many people, I, too, love bridges. It's not just their practicality nor their history nor their necessity but their whole being. They are often the most beautiful of structures however humble.

A bridge over the canal near Llangollen

Although it is strictly speaking a viaduct rather than a bridge Le Viaduc du Millau is one of the 'Things I Want To See Before I Die'.

On Monday I passed through Confolons - a lovely old town which I have liked. since the first visit. and which is twinned with Pitlochry. It has a particularly interesting and old bridge which I photographed from the new bridge on which was flying a New Zealand flag (because of a Maori group in the local festival) and also from the end of the bridge.

However this is by no means the only bridge that I have fallen in love with. Several years ago I passed over the Pont du Normandie:

This posting could be a very long one but I think I've probably exhausted the photos (except for the Severn Bridge which I've already posted on) that I have with me on this computer so you are spared!

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