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Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Nighthawk meets The Garage

Having driven about 3000 km since I left home I was a litle alarmed when going round a corner a few days ago to hear a graunching noise apparently coming from the offside front wheel of the Nighthawk. In the normal course of things because I'm in France I would have gone to a French garage. With a bit of brushing up on technical terms I could have got through my side of the explanations. Understanding all their explanations if there was something fundamentally wrong might have been a problem. I was quite excited by the challenge. However Charroux has The Garage Cole & Fils run by an English family. So I took the car there for a checkup. Fortunately after having removed all the wheels and parking brake drums and front stoneguards and about half a hundredweight of stones from there and the suspension the car was given a clean bill of health.

Every garage has its Deux Chevaux

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