Saturday 6 September 2008

I Need More RAM

Like many people of my age I'm finding it hard to cope with all the pieces of information which are presented to my brain at any one time. Something happens and I decide that I must make a note. In fact I'm still trying to remember what it was I had to ask Pat urgently two days ago. By the time I've reached for the pen and paper at the side of the bed or two inches from my hand on the table the effort of asking my brain to get the pen and paper has driven the thing I had to write about out of my head.

I recall reading many years ago that the human brain can only cope with a certain number of pieces of information (12?) at any one time and thereafter it has to ditch one of them.

Having just managed to forget, within a space of several seconds, a piece of information that John had just given me I wailed in despair. The fact that I was trying to do and assimilate many other pieces of information at the same time gave me no comfort.

Over the last few days I have been suggesting to John that his PC and Laptop need more RAM.

John has just analysed my problem.

I need more RAM.

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