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Monday, 17 May 2010


There are very few dedicated tobacconists left in the UK.  I’m not sure whether smoking has declined markedly (I suppose I should know that but having tried to find my way around the National Statistics Office website I am still no wiser) but certainly the number of dedicated tobacconists has.  However most tobacconists on items that were not readily available in every local convenience store or supermarket ie cigarettes.  My own observation would suggest, for example, that there are very few pipe smokers today.  However almost opposite my hotel in Ayr was a tobacconist with a wonderful array of items from the past:

DSC08783  Composite800


  1. I always enjoyed the smell of the flavored tobacco smoking in a pipe...there's something about it.

    Ray smokes cigars and not the average kinds but the flavored ones. He smokes outside, so the affect of smoke doesn't harm us but every so often I smell that old scent of cherry, vanilla, peach, wine (even).

  2. I can't remember when I last saw anyone smoking a pipe. I seem to have a vague memory from early childhood that perhaps one of my grandfathers did occasionally. But I'm not even sure about that.

    In my first work places back in the 70s people were still allowed to smoke in offices. I remember one place in particular, the first thing I did coming home was to get changed and hang my clothes on the balcony. Still did not have asthma then but developed that later and got very sensivite to smoke. A relief when smoking in restaurants was banned (~five years ago here).


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