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Saturday, 22 May 2010

My Visitors Were Lucky

When my friends from New Zealand were here on Monday and Tuesday the weather was perfect although rather chilly with the temperature only just reaching double figures.  It was indifferent on Wednesday until the evening when it deteriorated.  On Thursday and Friday we woke to heavy mist and fog which, until lunchtime today, only lifted enough to let the rain pour down.  The temperature remained low.




I got fed up with the weather presenters on the television saying how wonderful and hot and sunny the weather was all over the UK – oh, except for the very North of Scotland.  Yes.  Well we are the very North of Scotland.  Please don’t rub it in quite so much.

DSC09033 Forecast


Then after lunch today the temperature raced up to just above 20 deg the cloud began to disperse and the sun came out.



  1. Oh, where did your view go?! - was my reaction to the first picture... Glad you got it back in the last one!
    We've been having what I'd call our first real summer day here today.

  2. I guess it could be worse... if not for that 'ol Gulf Stream.

    From here, your changing view of sea and shore looks lovely.
    I expect the wind can whip up some mighty white waves into that little harbour?