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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A Frustrating Afternoon – In Perspective

Yesterday – for it was yesterday when all this happened – I had one of those afternoons which provided me with lots of opportunities for losing my cool.  I  didn’t and for that I am quite proud of myself.  When Gaz and I went to bed last night it was well after midnight and I sat in bed and wrote a post but didn’t quite finish it.

I woke this morning to a text from a friend in New Zealand who was told today that she has cancer.  Perspective can be a wonderful thing and after a long phone conversation all of a sudden the fact that I didn’t save the post before I closed down Palin last night seems completely unimportant. 

So what was my irritation yesterday?  Quite simply: computers and printers and cellphones.  Gaz needed to copy and scan some forms in the morning and the printer and Henry (the PC) just couldn’t get on together for some reason.   However Palin and the printer were quite happy except that it seemed that new cartridges were needed.  New cartridges didn’t solve the problem and it looks as if, after spending ages getting the printer operating on both computers, the print head is dead.  Irritating (and costly).  I shall try the other printer this morning.  I also decided to download some music to my cellphones so that I could use them as MP3 players in the car to save having to take/remember my iPod every time.  Could I get the software to function correctly?  In a word: no.  Gaz had fortunately for him gone out for the afternoon!

A few years ago I so craved for life to be simpler.  I still do.  But now my life seems more complicated than ever.  And all because I have this belief that computers and cellphones and things that ‘aid’ communication are so important.  They are.  But gosh do they occupy time when they are being recalcitrant.  Perhaps I should just sit at my roll-top desk with my huge array of fountain pens (I love fountain pens) and write letters. 

If I did that, however, how much poorer my life would be.  I would not have met some of you, dear readers, for a start!

PS:  The afternoon might have been frustrating but Gaz and I had a great evening.  Mushrooms stuffed with Charley Barley’s black pudding, fillet steak with béarnaise sauce and asparagus, my special brulée and cheese and biscuits with a fine old port.  After dinner we sat and watched the special election edition of Have I Got News For You which I had recorded.  Good food, good wine and, most importantly of all, the company of a good friend.  What more could any man want?

Answers on a post card to…….


  1. Well my friend, I for one am very glad that you've kept struggling on to get your communication aids working - computers and broadband and whatnot. I do agree it's a time-consuming hassle as soon as any of it decides not to cooperate the way you wish them to!

    I'm so sorry to hear that another friend of yours has been diagnosed with cancer. I hope it goes well. As you say that kind of news always puts minor technical problems into perspective. At the same time, the tools we use for communication still remain important. So I hope you get those sorted out as well. ♥

  2. Ah, the love/hate relationship with computers and their accessories.
    I'm going to go online to figure out what Charley Barley's black pudding is. Good food, good wine, and good friends will always improve one's attitude!

  3. Here's my post card message. Sorry to hear about your friend, that does sort of make one stop to smell the flowers, doesn't it? Glad you techno problems have been solved. I have no idea what Mushrooms stuffed with Charley Barley’s black pudding might taste like and wouldn't be in any hurry to find out, I don't like mushrooms. Bit of a shame really because they are popping up everywhere, even in my lawn. Keep smiling, friend.


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