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Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Patchwork Day

I woke up this morning.  It’s amazing how many times I’ve done that in my life: over 24,000 times if my calculations are accurate.  That’s a scary thought.  Even more scary when you think that one day I won’t.  But when I reach the other side I’ll be able to say how fortunate I was to clock up so many.  After all not everyone is so fortunate. 

I had to take the car in for a service and its MOT (annual fitness test).  Dave followed me into town and brought me home.  Pat and Dave and Kate came for morning coffee.  Kate goes away tomorrow for another 6 month stint touring the world.  “What is it with our children?” I ask.  As the trio left the men came to replace some panels in my porch and fix a door and a gap between two panels in the conservatory.  Lunch.  Pat and Kate took me into town to collect my car whilst Briagha was being taken for her ‘MOT’.  Shopped.  Home.  Washing in and ironing done and guest bed re-made (Steve and Suz were here for the night on Tuesday).  And, of course, I’ve visited Blogland and some friends via the internet and phone.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon so later on I decided to get out into the garden and do some weeding and plant some plants.  Big mistake (one of my favourite film moments*).  The wind was force 4+ from the North taking the temperature from 10 down to a wind chill of 2 deg.  And that felt cold.  So after 15 minutes I abandoned it.  Ah well, only just over 3 weeks ‘till midsummer.  HELP!  Christine from next door popped in for a chat.

So what’s been so special today?  I’ve given thanks that I have such wonderful friends.   I’ve given thanks that I live amongst such beauty.  I’ve given thanks that the sun has shined (not sure about the grammar there) on me and my world both actually and metaphorically.  I’ve given thanks that I have a house that needed some repairs because so many don’t have a house.  I’ve listened to some music (Beethoven Sonatas today) which has been so beautiful I’ve almost felt like crying (the 11th – first movement I think it was).    I’ve given thanks that I’m fortunate enough to be able to appreciate them.  Life’s pretty good.

*Vivian in 'Pretty Woman’.


  1. A full day summed up in thanks. I wish you many more just like it! (Well. Not a daily MOT of the car, or reparing of the house. But other ordinary things.) ♥

  2. This morning as Chris, Twink and I sat in the sun enjoying coffee I announed "life is good" and got no argument. I'm glad so many of my friends are so happy with life...long may it contiue!

  3. And There I was feeling sorry for myself. I've been rushed off my foot all week.
    Your day puts me to shame.

  4. Perfick.

    Now about that Beethoven. I thought I was the only one that leaked from the eyes during Beethoven.

  5. This is a fine post, Sir, and one of many you can be proud of. Such fine, gentlemanly sentiments, we needed to hear...

    p.s. I'm very concerned about your recent hookah incident and the resulting loss of memory (where things are and the sex of a butterlfly), and need to make fruit-rich cakes!

    Word verif is lesserat - I wonder if that's what you saw the other day and not a baby mouse?! x