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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Everyone’s Gone

Well it’s been an interesting, full and very enjoyable few weeks.  Gaz left yesterday after having stayed for nearly two weeks.  It’s been wonderful having him here.  On Monday Richard, Julia, Jo, Ben and Mark arrived from New Zealand complete with campervan.  They are staying in the UK for a couple of months on a family holiday.  They are friends from Napier.  I thoroughly enjoyed having them stay and share a bit of my Scottish life for a few days. 

It was a bonus that the indifferent weather that we have been having turned into wall to wall sun on Tuesday and whilst it wasn’t all that warm that didn’t deter them one little bit.  They spent Monday afternoon on a fabulous beach at Hushinish on the Isle of Harris (Harris and Lewis is actually one physical island nominally divided into two).  They have a travel blog and their arrival and photos can be viewed on The Cornes Family

It was with considerable regret that I bade them farewell this morning as they set off to see some more of the Island’s sights before returning to Skye and their further adventures this evening.

DSC08901 The Cornes Family arrives



My neighbour’s and Richard and Julia’s campervans made it begin to look like a camp site



And off they trundled.  No cheese and port in good company for me tonight.


  1. So, GB, I presume there is a car ferry that allows campervan transport to the island?

    Where does it leave from?

  2. hey Graham, we so enjoyed staying at your place, and I'm glad I've found your blog so I can keep up with where in the world you are! We'll be interested to read about your Hebridean life, more so now we've been there, seen the view, watched the bird table and enjoyed the port!! thanks again for your hospitality. see you in NZ....


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