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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Recovering Creels

One of the creel boats that set lobster creels in and around the bay below Eagleton pulled the creels last week and stacked them on the pier below the house so that they could be taken by road (to where?  I have no idea.).  At first when I saw the boat come in I was worried by the fact that it was so low in the stern.


but when the creels were unloaded the boat returned to normal


and she set off for the second load



returning less worryingly down at the stern


leaving quite a lot of creels on the pier: 240 in all if I can count correctly.


which were then collected at the end of the week.



  1. The photos almost tell their own story; except I wouldn't have known exactly what those things were, so thanks for filling in. (New word to me, creel...)

    I really like the next-to-last picture, with the intense shades of blue.

  2. They must have all been empty, sitting there until the end of the week?
    Mmmmm, love lobster! But I hate seening them in those little tanks in the grocery store with their pinchers banded.
    Great sequence of shots!

  3. Lovely story. What is that thing on the skyline in the 4th image GB?

  4. Creel smuggling - right under your very nose and you didn't report it!!!


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