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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Moments In Sport

I am not a great watcher of sports apart from some motor racing. 

In 1975 I was a member of the Lancashire County Cricket Club and one lunchtime (my office was just opposite the ground)  I went to see an hour of a Test Match.  It was, so far as I can remember, between England and Pakistan.  I do recall that there was a wonderful over in which (and this was exceptionally rare in a Test Match in those days) I think I am correct in saying three sixes were struck.  I wish I had a Wisden at this moment.

I haven’t watched a snooker match on television for probably something like 17 years.  This afternoon I turned on the box to see what time the News is (unlike NZ where the One News is always at 6pm the news in the UK varies at the weekend and it’s a bit of a lottery).  The final of the World Championship is being played between Robertson and Dott – two players of whom I have never heard.  The seventh game was just starting and I became transfixed by the safety play.  I have no idea whether that is a usual start to a game these days or not but it was beautiful to watch.  In fact I watched the whole game and I have to admit that whilst it is unlikely that I’ll watch another game it was a game I’ll remember for quite a while.  And then I saw that Hazel Irvine was presenting and Steve Davis and John Parrot were commenting.  I was almost trapped.  But then reality set in.

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