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Monday, 10 May 2010

I Can’t Think of a Title

I know that I should be trying to find lots of interesting things to post like those of my Blogland friends.  However life has been too full on and I am way behind with my emails so I thought I’d do a sort of composite email of today because it has been a Really Good Day in some ways.

Yesterday evening Pat and Dave and seagoing daughter Kate came round to have dinner with me and seagoing son Gaz.   Gaz made sushi.  Like a twerp I didn’t photograph it.  There was a very large serving plate plus a dinner plate full of offerings.  “They’ll never eat all that” I said before everyone arrived.  Wrong!  The very last morsel did stay there for a while until Dave eventually agreed to polish it off.  Just after midnight we said our goodbyes and by the time the dishwasher had been loaded for the second time that evening Gaz and I fell into our beds.

Pat is not, I repeat not, a morning person.  I am.  Imagine my horror therefore when I was woken at 8 am on the dot by a text from Pat saying that she was down on the beach with Briagha (the dog).  How could it be that I was still asleep and Pat was not only awake but also on the beach?

Fortunately the day got much better from there on in.

I went to see the Consultant about my arthritic knee.  Met people I knew. Caught up.  Hugged (people I knew – not the Consultant).  X-ray.  Confirmed that the arthritis is still there.  Well that’s a relief.  I’d have been amazed if I’d made medical history and it had gone away.  So I have to come back in 12 month’s time.  That’s OK then.

Shopped.  Met people I knew.  More hugs.  This going away for 6 months thing is quite good!

Two weeks ago I had my bloods done (was it really two weeks!!).  Even though I’d had a check-up at the Doc’s since then I’d forgotten to ask for the results of the tests.  Just shows how worried I’d been!  The receptionist (another person I’ve known for 35 years – oh dear) printed them off and handed me them in an envelope which I pocketed. 

Went to book my flights for Thursday when I go to see the Oncologist in Ayr for my follow-up.  Ayr is an hour’s flight and an hour’s train journey from here.  While the ticket was being booked I took the envelope with the results out of my pocket.  My PSA reading is 0.00.  WOW.  It has never been that good since I had the cancer op in 1998.  The treatment last year seems to have worked beyond everyone’s wildest expectations.

I’m really rather pleased.

I had a hunch that Gaz might not be home for dinner this evening.  I knew that the weekend had been ‘interesting’.  A text early in the afternoon proved that my hunch had been correct.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

In the meantime I have a ‘free’ night for catching up.


  1. SO glad to hear about your test results!!! Big hug to you! ♥

  2. Thank you Monica. I really appreciate that.

  3. Yay you! Good bloods and hugs - what more could a man want!!

  4. Aha! 0.00 (fantastic!) *and* Gaz 'n Kate too!

    Like the writer Kate, she obviously
    a. Likes Sushi
    b. Likes the sea (see above ... seaweedy)
    c. Likes men who like the sea
    d. Likes men who cook

    Looking forward with pleasant anticipation to the next installment!

  5. Great news, Graham!
    I am so glad for you.
    Hugs are good...can never have too many.

  6. 0.00!!!! THAT IS AWESOME! An amazing procedure, isn't it? Such great news!


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