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Monday, 3 May 2010

The Lights in The Night

One night recently I got up in the middle of the night (just around 3am actually!!) to visit the smallest room (actually it’s not my smallest room – I have two rooms which are smaller than my bathroom).  I have four small flat-screen lights (like aircraft binnacle illumination) in strategic places so that  no one has to put a light on in the night when they get up for the bathroom or whatever.  As I was wandering through the house I was struck by the number of lights that glowed out from every nook and crannie.  I counted 26 lights!  Yes 26!  It then occurred to me that the master switch switching off all electricity in the Study for the computers etc was off so the myriad of lights associated with computers and hard drives and so on would, during the day, be added to that number.  Scary.

So what were all the lights?  Digital clocks, the wi-fi, carbon monoxide detector, hi-fi, phone, TVs, DVD player and Freeview boxes and doubtless other things too.  Life’s not quite as simple as it was when this house saw it’s first occupants (which I would guess was about 1930).



  1. Your house seems to shine like a small city in the night! ;)

    I can't match your number of lights but I know a few of my appliances are on standby power even if they don't show it...

  2. I can just envision you standing there at 3 am counting lights....
    TOO funny!!!
    There is no way that my brain would function to that degree at that hour!
    ;^0 ;^-

  3. Neat post. Made me smile. It took you two minutes or thereabouts to get from the blue clock to the red one. That made me smile too, for some reason.


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