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Monday, 17 May 2010

Cricket Result

For those of you who are cricket fans and, in particular Twenty20 devotees, this is an irrelevant post because you will probably have watched the finals on Sky and will know the results.  For those of you not in that category you will probably have no interest in the results anyway.  But just in case there is even one person out there who wants to know, the results of the finals were:

England v Australia: England won by 7 wickets.

Australia v New Zealand (Women's):  Australia won by 3 (YES 3) runs.

How annoying is that?


  1. Thanks for the sports update. I didn't know that - the girls keep me too busy to watch more than the headlines. And I'd say those scores were quite satisfactory!! If anyone cared about women's cricket, that is!

  2. I have absolutely no idea how to comment on that. Croquet I have at least some vague idea about. With cricket, all I ever managed to understand is that there are bats and running involved. To be honest, any sports game appearing on the TV screen usually makes me switch channel...


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