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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Then Three Come Along All At Once

Life can be frustrating.  We all know that of course.  So what is frustrating me at the moment?  Well, to be honest, lots of things but they all boil down to one thing which afflicts us all.  Too many things we want to do and too little time in which to do it.  Well this week has been particularly bad from that point of view and my blogging has suffered.  The problem is that when I do have ideas instead of spreading them over a number of days I tend to write and post immediately.  So I have three days when I have no posting and then three come along all on the same day.  OK so I'm exaggerating a bit but that's how it feels.

Anyway today was not going to be a problem.  I had a number of postings in my head and a free day in which to get lots of things, including the postings, done.  I even found the negatives for the photos from 1986 I wanted to use for one of the posts. 

That's when things started to go pear shaped.  My scanner suddenly refuse to work with it's host computer - Henry, my PC.  Eh?!  It was working perfectly a week ago.  Every time I powered it up the computer froze as soon as I opened Picasa.  (Why does Blogger run by Google mark 'blog' 'Blogger' 'Picasa' and 'Google' as incorrectly spelt or is it Firefox? - whatever it's an irritation).  Then Henry went on strike and wouldn't start up.  This is not the first time these have caused me angst.  In fact I posted about Frustration only a few months ago.

Then Palin (Laptop running Vista) decided on a major go slow again.  He's only just had an extra Gig of RAM inserted so it wasn't that.

The long and short of it is that instead of a nice quiet day blogging and scanning photos and so on I've been sorting computers.  That was NOT the best way to spend the day.  At least I had the Grand Prix to watch whilst I did the ironing for some relaxation!


  1. You did the ironing for some relaxation? If you lived closer I could keep you supplied with relaxants.

  2. Pauline. I have this guilt thing about watching TV. When I'm watching TV I'm not doing many other things which I want to do. So, apart from my late night relaxation in front of the box before bed, I always like to be doing something else as well. So I iron or use the exercise bike or email or whatever and assuage my guilt. Apart from that I actually don't mind ironing anyway! Sad or what? I did a post once Ironing: A Chore. There were no comments on the blog but I got plenty in emails!

  3. I sympathize with your frustration. Sometimes it is a very long way between the post in one's head to actually getting it published.

    Did you name your machines or did they name themselves?! I've been involved in discussions about personalizing computers before and then it seemed it was mostly women who did this. (Or at least so the men involved in the discussion claimed.) I have not named mine but I do sometimes call them "he", especially when they behave badly...

  4. Each successive PC has always been called Henry. It has to have a name for identification on the network now but that wasn't always the case of course. Why Henry? I have absolutely no idea. It's lost in the mists of time over 20 years ago.

    When I first got a Laptop I called it Palin after Michael Palin 'cos he travels and so does the laptop - here and New Zealand.

    My current Laptop is a big one and the battery life is limited so I got a Notebook for emails and internet when on the move particularly as I spent so much time away in Glasgow this summer. It was a Samsung. So I called it Samantha. I like the name too which helps. If you feel in tune with something - even a machine - I always think that it makes life more comfortable.

    So I'm not sure what that tells you about me or what your friends would think. But I can assure you I am male.

  5. Ok, that proably explains a question that passed through my mind when reading some previous post of yours where Samantha was mentioned - I wondered what kind of creature she was. (I think you wrote something about taking her with you from one room to another...) -LOL-

    About my previous computer name statistics, they are probably just about as reliable as yours about the toilet paper!

    I actually wish I had come up with good names for my computers before I got my network installed, because as it is now it's a mess with my own name being used both for one of the computers and as user name on one or both, and I daren't try to change anything in case I might make an even bigger mess of it all while trying. (It was my brother who installed the network. I've named the network after him!)