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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Cinema on Shetland

There is no race on earth quite as eccentric as the British.  On the basis that this item of news is unlikely to have made it to the televisions of the rest of the world I thought I would share a bit of that eccentricity with you.

A new record-breaking cinema has opened in Shetland (Islands to the North of the Scottish mainland) to critical acclaim.  It is not only Britain's newest cinema, it is also the country's northernmost and its smallest, with accommodation for a capacity audience of two.  The cinema complete with projector and screen has been set up in a bus-shelter in north-east corner of the island of Unst (one of the Shetland Isles). 

The bus shelter is already internationally famous for being decorated each year in different colours by a band of volunteers.  If the visitors' book is to be believed, it is now one of the most visited tourist attractions in Shetland.

One of the Country's top film critics Dr Mark Kermode said: "I've been to premi√©res. I've done Hollywood. I've done all that sort of thing.  But it pales into insignificance when you're in a bus shelter in Unst.  It's a remarkable place to see a film. I can't think of anywhere more extraordinary."


  1. Really? Love it! When I get old (and it could happen any day now) I plan to be very eccentric. I want to wear purple and spit - especially when my daughters are around to watch!

  2. Now this what I call odd ;)
    I love it as idea although I probably would not actually love to sit through a long film there. Seems a bit draughty! Although if you have to wait long for the bus, I suppose it's better to wait with entertainment than without...

  3. HA!! Looks like fun, definitely odd - huh?