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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Out and About

I owe you all an apology.  I left Lewis on Tuesday without so much as a cheerio.  Marcel and I drove - actually Marcel drove most of the way - to his home in Fife and then yesterday after staying with him for the night I travelled down yesterday to visit a God-daughter and her partner and a friend of almost as many years as I've been on this planet.   Today Friend-of-Many-Years - God-daughter's Mum - and I are going out for the day and then we are all going out for dinner this evening.  Tomorrow I drive across country to stay with my brother Scriptor Senex/CJ and Jo.


  1. Wow...here, I thought you were just out and about local, being busy with your friends :)

    Good thing I haven't found a special something to send you yet, because you won't be there to receive it? I think I've finally chosen something...but maybe I'll send it to New Zealand now, because it's taken me so long...so do keep me posted about where you might be. It's no good to lose a treasure you know :)

    OH...and I've meant to reply to that wonderful email you sent me last week :( - it really was wonderful!!!

  2. I kind of missed you ;) but I remember you mentioned that you were planning a trip, so I assumed that's what you were up to... Have a great time with your friends and family!

  3. Hi Heather, Hi Dawn

    The day before I left was quite manic and I forgot to do even a qick post to say where I was. I'm hoping to be back in Eagleton by 2 October and I'll be there until 21 October when I leave for New Zealand.

    If I ever dropped off the radar CJ would let everyone know.

    I'll be at CJ's tomorrow and will hopefully catch up with everyone's blogs then.

  4. If there had been an internet in the days of Ecclesiates, I'm sure the author would have included:

    There is a time for everything, ans a season for every activity under heaven:
    a time to blog, and a time to refrain from blogging...

  5. Ha! Love Monica's last note there!! I'm smiling :)