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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Then Three Come Along All At Once: 2

You see I've done it again.  No posts for days and now you have three.  Except that this makes it four.  Wrong again.


  1. OK. OK. Before anyone else says it. She did that because I'm a boring old fart. But is there another explanation that I'd rather hear?

  2. Still bothered, eh? I'll give you two choices then, from The Wordsworth's Dictionary of Dreams:

    1. To dream of learning, denotes that you will take great interest in acquiring knowledge, and if you are economical of your time, you will advance far into the literary world.

    2. To dream of being teased, denotes that you will win the love of merry and well-to-do persons.

    Sweet dreams tonight!

  3. Oops. I put the comment on the wrong posting. Silly me. But thanks for the information. It obviously wasn't a learning dream - unless I was being led along that path by some force unknown - because I do not relish academia. Perhaps I had one of Scriptor's dreams by mistake!

    I rather like the idea of winning the love of merry people though. Actually most of my friends have a merry side to them I have to say.

  4. Actually... Did you try google E=MC2...? I couldn't resist just now (after receiving your answer) and got about 2½ million hits on it. I clicked on the first Swedish article I found - and I just have to share this: In the spring of 1905, Einstein wrote an essay about his theory of relativity and sent it in to a German scientific journal. A few weeks later, it hit him that he had forgotten something, so he sent in three more pages. Towards the end of those extra pages appeared for the first time the equation E=mc2...

    Now you chew a bit on that and your "three come along all at once" tendency...!

    (But I really do want you to be surrounded by merry people!)

  5. Thanks DT. You are a mine of interesting information.

    By the way I hope you don't mind me shortening your name to DT. I rather like it but you may not!

  6. Well, Google is, anyway (a mine of information). What I'm still curious about (and Google can't tell me) is how much you knew about that equation before it appeared in your dream... But that's just me being nosey and playing psychologist (which I'm not)...

    DT is fine with me... No point in wasting energy on typing all those extra letters every time in blog-chat! (Btw, my real name is Monica - which I don't mind you knowing, but prefer not to include in my easy-access public internet profile.)