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Friday 11 September 2009

Riding With Pat

My car has been having all the stone chips in the paintwork treated.  It's amazing how many stones are thrown up by vehicles (usually large lorries travelling towards one) and just how much damage they do.  One particularly large one which I actually saw as it bounced up onto the bonnet (hood) of the car then hit the windscreen and cracked it.  Anyway the car was in hospital for four days.  During that time Pat and Dave were good friends and neighbours and ferried me around.  One day after the Doc's Pat and I went for a coffee.  It was Wednesday - the first of our recent sunny mornings.

At The Woodlands where we had coffee the sunflowers and begonias which were already ageing had been all but destroyed by the storm on Tuesday. 
One or two had survived relatively unscathed
Back seat driver - actually Briagha's impeccably  behaved in the car.
Who says that Lewis is barren and treeless?  The road through the Castle Grounds to the Woodlands Centre


  1. Hope you didn't have to fork out for a new screen. Autowindscreens did mine with a posh piece of vacuum technology and a less posh cigarette lighter to speed up the resin cure.

  2. Nice shots, GB - and I love that dog!

  3. Lovely photos. I get the impression of a day when the air was "soft".

  4. What a sweet puppy! :)


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