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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Happiness Is An Evening With People About Whom You Care

Just over a year ago I wrote the following posting.  For various reasons I didn't post it at the time.  I am staying with my God-daughter at the moment for a few days.  Tonight we shall be going out to the same restaurant again.  Now I feel free to post my thoughts from a year ago:

I regard myself as one of the luckiest people alive. I have few worries and a lifestyle which suits me very well indeed: living in Napier in New Zealand and the Isle of Lewis in Scotland - two of the places best suited to my temperament and lifestyle. I am very content, even happy.

Occasionally, however, something happens to take that happiness to an exceptional level.

Last Wednesday evening was one of those occasions. I was visiting Lesley and Geoff. Lesley and I have known each other since we were both aged 4 and Lesley regarded me as a "horrible little boy" (I'm no longer a 'little boy' and I'd like to think that I'm no longer quite so horrible!). After going to see my Goddaughter, Louise and her partner Gerry at their new house we went out to the Pho Thong Thai Restaurant in Mossley.

The food, the ambience but above all the company and the fun were truly exceptional and made it, for me, one of the most memorable and enjoyable of evenings.

No blog posting would be complete without a photo or two so here they are:

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