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Monday, 14 September 2009

A Buzzard Pays a Visit

Or is he back to stay?  We used to have lots of Buzzards flying here and all summer their mewing and cries could be heard.  Last year they disappeared.  This year I have not seen one.  Until today.  Today a Buzzard spent the morning in the valley at the side of the house looking for a meal.

Hopefully next year he and his friends will be back in the area.  And perhaps he'll have his head on the right way round!  How do they do that?


  1. I did not know that a buzzard was a bird. I mean - the English word for it was not in my vocabulary.

    I did know it as part of the name of a place - Leighton Buzzard - which I remember from English children's books, The Borrowers by Mary Norton. Never thought of it "meaning" anything!

  2. Dawn Treader: The Buzzard - this one simply goes under the name Buzzard Buteo buteo in this country although there are other Buzzards as well. It is, I think, a summer visitor to Sweden and breeds there.

    Leighton Buzzard does not appear according to Wikipedia to have anything in common with the bird.


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