Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I Had A Dream

OK so I am about to share an intimate moment with you but if someone out there can explain this I'll be really surprised.

I dreamed I was in bed with a lady (OK, that bit's easily explainable).  She proceeded to write out the equation for E=MC2.  Then she proceeded to explain it.

And I'm supposed to be the one who's a boring old fart!


  1. HA!!! Thank you for that smile.

  2. I'm afraid I can't help you with that one... math is not really my subject! ;)

  3. You and your dreams. Here is the answer. It's a Maria Carey album
    "Mariah Carey - Lyrics from E=MC2" (2008)
    The songs on it are:
    Bye bye
    Cruise control
    For the record
    I'll be lovin' U long time
    I'm that chick
    I stay in love
    I wish you well
    Last kiss
    Love story
    Side effects
    Thanx 4 nothin'
    Touch my body
    You're going to NZ (nah, I made that one up!)

  4. Thanks all.

    Pauline: I think I understood the Mariah Carey song even less than I understood the dream!

  5. All below comes from thecuriousdreamer.com

    Trying to solve a math problem can mean:

    * There's a real-life problem or challenge on your mind
    * You're in the mood for problem solving and mental challenges
    * You're feeling stressed
    * You were doing math earlier that day and your subconscious mind is continuing that mode
    * You're worried about an upcoming math test or other event


    * Your romantic relationship, especially communication and emotional intimacy within a relationship
    * Your inner thoughts or relationship within yourself
    * Security and safety, especially emotionalwoman

    A woman can represent many different things. For clues to her meaning, consider the context of the woman, and your feelings about her.

    A woman you know in real life may represent that actual person or the type of role she plays in your life (supervisor, mother, friend, doctor, business person, etc.).

    Whether you know the woman or not, she may represent:

    * The key characteristics that stand out about her in the dream, such as humor, nurturing, femininity, intelligence, etc.
    * Stereotypical feminine characteristics such as nurturing, beauty, gentleness, creativity, intuition, inner wisdom, peace, fluidity, or receptivity

    Either that...or you just need to help me with my algebra homework.