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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I'm Back Again

Hello.  I'm back in Blogland.  Apart from a few minutes yesterday when I posted a quickie on a news item I've not really had the opportunity to read or write much since Sunday morning.  I've had friends for dinner every evening and the days have been equally busy.  Yesterday we had a storm with gale force winds and the sea in the bay below the house boiled:

Today the sun shone.  The washing dried on the line in a stiff breeze and I cleaned all the windows to get rid of the salt - I can now see through them again.  In the afternoon it was warm enough to be in the garden in shorts trying to clear more weeds and prune back some of the bushes.  My decision as to what to do with some deciduous trees I'm growing but which will eventually obscure my neighbour's view was partly taken for me when the storm snapped the top two feet off a 9 ft high tree. And down in the bay the lobster fisherman tended his creels.


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